It is important to make sure that the roof of your home is in good shape. A damaged roof, no matter how minor, can bring forth a lot of issues in the future. From leaks to collapsing, a roof goes through a lot all year round, so have the professional Roofer from American Quality Roofing and Siding come take a look.

American Quality Roofing and Siding is a full service roofing company that can handle anything. If your home needs a personal touch, we will make it happen.

Allow us to improve the quality of your home for your family or for future buyers. Our roofing contractors are highly skilled craftsman and create beautiful designs.

Your satisfaction is importance to us, so we will do what we can to fulfill your needs.

Roofing services you can expect when you go with us include re-roofing. It is important to get a new roof installed when your current roof fails. This can cause serious problems, so should your roof be damaged by storms, previous unprofessional work, old age, among many others, be sure to get a new roof installed before it’s too late.

Roofing repairs can be beneficial if you’ve had adjustments and other additions made to your roof, as well as roofing inspections and maintenance.

We are factory certified by the country’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF Materials Corporation. You know we are the real deal. Repairs offered for homeowners, real estate agents and insurance claims.

* New Roofs
* Re-Roofing
* Roof Repairs
* Roof Restorations
* Flat Roofs
* Wood Shingles
* Sky Lights

American Quality Roofing & Siding also works with different materials for your roof like: * Asphalt Shingle roofing * Composite Slate & Shake* Genuine Slate Roofing* Wood Shingles* Metal Roofing* Copper Roofing* *Cedar Roofing* and all Types of Flat Roofs

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